How to Pay NBI Clearance using GCash is a popular mobile application for digital wallets nowadays, especially for paying bills, online shopping, and online transactions. One of the samples here is paying the NBI Clearance Online Application.

Paying the NBI Clearance Online Application is the fastest way to use the GCash application. It is also what NBI Clearance recommends before going to their branch offices to have an online appointment and avoid the lengthy application process.

This NBI clearance is an important document required by government and non-government business establishments as a requirement in the papers applied. In the past decades, this document is not available online. However, as time goes by in the digital era, the NBI Clearance pushes to migrate their old transactions and enter a new system and technology.

This fast phasing transaction is required to pay the bills thru the bank and other online payments like ShopeePay. One of the samples here is to pay NBI Clearance using GCash is the most convenient payment method online. Many Filipinos use this online payment since it is easy to install on any mobile device.

This infographic shows the easy process of paying the NBI Clearance online using the GCash application. The complete instruction is shown in a single photo for easier understanding and comprehension by those who want to get NBI clearance online.


4 Easy Steps to Pay NBI Clearance Using GCASH

  1. Log in” and “Tap” the “Pay Bills.”
  2. Tap” the “Government” menu and “Search” for the “NBI.”
  3. Enter NBI Clearance “Payment Details” and “Confirm
  4. Payment Received.” Successfully paid the NBI clearance.

NBI Clearance Reference Number


The first key to do before paying the NBI clearance using GCash is to obtain the reference number of the NBI clearance account.

How to get NBI Clearance Reference Number?

It can find in the NBI clearance website account under the “Transactions Menu.” The “Reference Number” contains a mixed number and letters, including the payment details of your NBI clearance online application.

Note: Before obtaining the reference number, create and set an appointment online for the NBI Clearance Online Application.

4 Easy Steps How to Pay NBI Clearance Using GCASH Steps

These four easy steps are a full explanation and detailed payment process of the NBI clearance online application. Provided a complete image that will help those first-timers pay their NBI clearance using the GCash application.

1. Tap the Bills

Log in to the GCash using the”4-Digit MPIN,” redirecting to the GCash dashboard.

Ensure to check and add a new balance in the Gcash account for at least ₱200.00. It is required to pay the NBI clearance bill.

Once the requirements are ready (NBI clearance reference number and payment worth ₱200.00), proceed to the “Pay Bills” menu.


2. Tap the Government and Search the NBI

Under the “Government” page, you have two options to find the NBI Clearance option.

  • Use the find and search bar by typing the keyword “NBI.”
  • Search the NBI option manually by scrolling the choice in the menu.

It will easily find the NBI clearance option in the menu.


3. Enter the Payment Details and tap Confirm

On the next page, complete details of the payment account.

Insert the following details:

  • Reference number of the NBI clearance.
  • Contact Number.
  • Amount of the NBI clearance bills.
  • E-mail Address (Optional)

In this step, the GCash application will ask the last time to recheck the details twice before confirming the payment.

It is essential to check the NBI reference number thoroughly before proceeding to the final payment step. Otherwise, It will decline the account details like the reference number on the system of the GCash application.


Note: Pay NBI clearance using GCash will have an extra amount of charge, or it is either nothing. Back in 2020, the GCash e-service charge amount was ₱40.00. However, after the pandemic, they did not deduct the ₱40.00 as an extra charge for the e-service.

4. Payment Received

For the last steps, this page will show to fulfill the payment of the NBI clearance using GCash. It also processes the latest transaction payment for the next 24 hours.

Remember to take a screenshot on this page since it also acts as the official receipt payment and does not delete the SMS on the mobile device.



Final Thoughts

This payment transaction to the NBI clearance using GCash is more user-friendly than the other payment procedure. GCash is free and available on Playstore and IOS devices that can download anytime.

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