The Maynilad Water Services have increased in the Greater Metro Manila area, reaching almost 17 cities and municipalities providing water supplies. It also had many branches to provide services to customers who were willing to pay their bills and concern.

Pay Maynilad in GCash is a way to avoid long queues at payment centers, avoid travel, and reduce the time allocated. It was an extensive trial for Maynilad’s customers during the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic, as people’s access to pay bills was limited, and Maynilad was one of them. Due to limited payment access at their Maynilad office branch, most Maynilad customers pay their water bills online like the GCash online payment.

This article will guide how to properly process Maynilad Bills payments with GCash online application and save time on long queues at payment centers. It is also the same when the electric bills are paid in the Meralco using a GCash account.

There is a three-way guide I wrote in this article. One of these is the guide made of infographics; the whole instruction picture is in only one image. The second instruction is seven easy ways to understand its process. The third is the step-by-step procedure with an idea to be followed by those who are just starting to pay their Maynilad water bill with their GCash account.


7 Easy Steps to Pay Maynilad in GCASH

  1. Use the 4-digit MPIN” to Log-in.
  2. “Tap the Pay Bills.”
  3.  Tap the Water Utilities.”
  4. Search the Maynilad.”
  5. Enter Maynilad Pay Bills Information”
  6. Double-check the Pay Bills Confirmation.”
  7. Done. Payment Received.

Note: do not forget to screenshot or download the payment receipt in the final step.

How to Pay Maynilad In GCASH? (With Picture)

This guide makes the process easier to understand because of the step-by-step procedure. It also provides images that can follow related to the Gcash account application. It is easy to understand, especially for those Maynilad customers who want to pay Maynilad in GCash.

1. Enter the “4-Digit MPIN” to Log-in

“Log in to the GCash account using the 4-digit assigned MPIN.”


2. Choose “Pay Bills”

In the GCash dashboard, ensure the GCash wallet has enough balance to pay Maynilad using GCash.

Select the “Pay Bills” option to proceed to the next page.


3. Choose “Water Utilities”

Under the pay bills category, there are various payment methods, and one of them is Water Utilities.”

“Tap the Water Utilities between the electric and cable/internet options.


4. Searching the “Maynilad”

Option 1: It is easy to see through the search bar above. Just type the word Maynilad for quick researching.

Option 2: The second way is to manually search and scroll the page to see the Maynilad option.


5. Enter the “Pay Bills Information”

Enter the water utilities payment details, including the account number, amount, and email address (this is optional).

If all the details are correct, Tap the Next.”


6. Payment Confirmation

The GCash system will ask if all the details on the payment bills are correct.

It is the last chance to see the errors in the details, such as the account number and the amount that pay on the water bills.

If done, continue to Tap the Confirm.”


7. Payment Received

Furthermore, the last steps will receive the payment transaction of the water bills in Maynilad.

Screenshot these payment bills as they will be the reference details in case of a glitch or problem with the Maynilad account.


Final Thoughts

The Maynilad customer is trying to find a way to pay their water bill during their payment due date. In this way, some of the Maynilad customers start to pay Maynilad in gcash. At the same time, some of them still rely on paying in any payment centers or Maynila office branches.

GCash provides an accessible application to pay our monthly bills daily. However, the disadvantage to this method is the day you must wait. Sometimes it takes a 2-3days process to complete the water bill payment.

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