The NBI Clearance Renewal Online is a great thing to remember if your NBI clearance application is about to expire and you don’t want to waste time applying for a new one. However, the renewal process is still the same as applying for a new NBI clearance.

The NBI Clearance Renewal Online Application takes 5–15 minutes to process with a 1-year validity until it reaches the expiration date. When you have reached the 12-month validity, you need to renew your NBI clearance application to get a new one.

The old applicants must renew their NBI clearance application rather than get a new one. However, if you lose your NBI clearance for an unreasonable situation, you need to get a new NBI clearance.

We all know that the old NBI clearance renewal application process takes plenty of time to complete. But now, since the technology is getting more widespread, the online renewal process is easy. With a few clicks in the browser, you will complete the application in a few minutes.


For those applicants that want to renew their NBI clearance application, there are two options from which you need to choose.

  • NBI Clearance Online Verification
  • First-time jobseekers


  1. In the NBI Clearance Online Verification, you need to input your old NBI ID number or scan the QR code in your old NBI clearance application.
  2. For first-time job seekers, you must present a duly issued Brgy. Certification from the place of residence stating that you have been a resident for at least six months. The issued barangay certification can be used within one year from the date of issuance. Once you proceed, you can choose either “NBI Clearance Online Application” or “NBI Clearance Quick Renewal” to continue the process. However, if you still remember the NBI clearance online account, proceed to the log-in section and enter your registered email address and password.

Note: If you forgot and didn’t remember your NBI Clearance Account? Follow these few steps to retrieve your email and password.


1. Log in to the NBI Account

Type your registered email address on the NBI clearance website, then enter your password.


2. Check your NBI Clearance Profile

Updating your profile in the NBI clearance account is critical, as we all know, after being hired or managing our businesses. The NBI clearance profile is outdated and needs to be updated before we renew the application.


3. Edit your NBI Clearance Profile

Editing your profile will appear on the right side of the screen. Just click on “edit information” to continue.


4. Applicant Information

The green check sign is available to update or change the profile application. Just change the details you want to edit, like first and last name, birth date, email, and family background.

Once you have completed the applicant information update, click “save information” below.


5. Apply for Clearance

Proceed to “apply for clearance” if all the details you changed are correct. Remember to double-check all the details on your profile before you click “apply for clearance.”


6. NBI Clearance Type of IDs

Prepare the following IDs and confirmation of your NBI clearance renewal online account.

Type of ID

  • UMID (SSS and GSIS)
  • Passport
  • PhilHealth
  • Voter’s ID or Certificate of Registration
  • BIR
  • PRC License
  • Birth Certificate authenticated by PSA
  • Driver’s License
  • Pag-ibig ID (NOT the Loyalty Card)
  • Postal ID
  • Certification from the Local Civil Registrar
  • Certification from Malacañang in connection (Indigenous Groups, Foundling, Tribal Membership)
  • Solo Parent ID
  • Company ID – Government Employees
  • Police Clearance
  • Seaman’s Book and SIRV
  • School ID together with current registration card
  • Senior Citizen ID
  • Marina

After that, a pop-up screen will show on your screen before you proceed to the appointment schedule.

After that, enter the type of ID you have, including the ID number you want to show them when you visit the NBI branch office. Once you enter the identification details, click the “I agree” button.


7. Select Appointment Schedule

In the NBI Calendar, select scheduled appointments that fit your schedule. Morning or afternoon shifts are available for all applicants. Don’t forget to check the available slots throughout the day.



8. NBI Clearance Renewal Fee

Once you have finished the appointment settings, check the left side of your screen and select the payment option for the NBI clearance. The total amount should be Php 130.00, with an additional fee of Php 25.00 to use the e-payment service.


9. Six Types of Payment Options

These are the six payment options for the NBI clearance renewal online. Bank over-the-counter, online, at Bayad Center outlets, Bayad Center mobile, ECPay, and via 7-Eleven.


10. Reference Number For Payment Fee

You will receive a reference number including the amount of the fee (Php130.00) and the Php25.00 system fee (for a total of Php155.00).


Note: Some payment methods, like payment centers, have service fees. So do not forget to bring extra money.

11. NBI Clearance Transaction Status

I’ve decided to choose the delivery type for “pickup” in these transactions unless you send it door-to-door like LBC, JRS, etc. Just change it from pickup to delivery.


Note: Do not forget to take note of your “NBI Clearance Application Reference Number.” The reference number is essential during the visit and processing of your NBI clearance application.

12. Email Confirmation

When you finish the payment transactions, you will receive an email informing you that the payment was successful.

You can also check your NBI Clearance account and see the status.


If you’re ready to visit the NBI Clearance branch office, do not forget to bring the following documents:

  • At least two valid identification cards
  • Reference number
  • Official receipt of NBI clearance
  • Extra money
  • Black pen

1. Photo Capturing and Fingerprint Scanning

If you have arrived at the NBI Clearance Branch Office, proceed to the windows for photo capture and fingerprint scanning. Show them your reference number that you copied during your online application and tell them that your application is for NBI clearance renewal online.

2. Releasing

Proceed to the release area or window and wait for me to call your name. If the application is “HIT!” or “NO HIT,” if everything is okay, congratulations! Your NBI clearance will be printed and released within a minute.


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