The NBI Clearance Online for Foreigners is not only for Filipino citizens but also for foreigners. It is also the primary requirement in immigration and is used for other transactions.

You must know that before you apply for the NBI clearance application, you must prepare for these requirements.

  • Renewal of the 13-A immigrant visa issued by marriage to a Filipino citizen
    Visa application to the Philippines
  • Application for citizenship or immigration to another country after living in the Philippines for at least six (6) months.
  • Getting an NBI clearance online for foreigners has the same purpose. Like local residents, it is required by immigration to have good standing and never be involved in any crime while in the Philippines.
    Remember to enlist the assistance of your Filipino partner or friends to expedite the processing of your documents.


1. Online Registration


The application process for the NBI clearance application remains the same. Either you are a local resident or a foreigner.

On the home page of the NBI Clearance Online Application, just choose the “No” option for new applicants.

This means that you have had no issue with NBI clearance from 2014 to the present; otherwise, check the box “Yes“.

After that, fill out all the information in the application form. Mark and check the “Terms of Service” and the “reCAPTCHA button“. Then click “Sign up“.

2. Create an Online Application


Fill out all the details under “applicant information,” “contact details,” “family background,” and other information. Then press the “Save Information” button.

3. Apply for Clearance


Double-check your profile; if all the details are correct, click “Apply for Clearance” on the right side of the website.

4. ID Confirmation


After you click “Apply for Clearance,” a small pop-up window will appear, and you just need to enter your valid ID. Here are the acceptable IDs for foreigners:

  • Passport
  • ACR I-Card or Alien Certificate of Registration

Then click the “I Agree” button.


Note: To apply for the NBI Clearance Online for Foreigners, you must proceed to the NBI Clearance in the National Capital Region (NCR). It requires you to go to the main branch of the NBI Clearance Processing Center at U.N. (United Nations) Avenue in Ermita, Manila.

Foreigners outside Manila
Those foreigners who want to apply for an NBI clearance but are located outside Metro Manila can apply to your respective provinces.

Expect a delay in processing that takes 10–15 working days because your application will be forwarded to the NBI Clearance main office.

5. Safe Payment


Select the appointment schedule, and you will see the total amount for the NBI clearance online application. You also see the appointment schedule on the right side of the window, including the 7 easy guides to payment options for the NBI clearance.

Unlike the old NBI system, which required foreigners to indicate the purpose of their application, the purpose of NBI Clearance Online for Foreigners is now a Multi-Purpose ID.

After you pay the NBI clearance, make sure you keep the official receipt as proof of payment.

Then check your e-mail for the confirmation, or return to your NBI Clearance account and confirm the payment under the transactions page.

6. Appearance on the Appointment Schedule

During the NBI clearance appointment date, wear proper attire and make yourself presentable. Please do not wear shorts, slippers, or short sleeves.

If you’re ready, go to the NBI Clearance Processing Center at U.N. Avenue, Ermita, Manila, right throughout the Manila Doctors Hospital.

You should bring the following requirements:

  • Passport (original and photocopy)—from the bio page to the visa implementation page
  • Original and photocopy of your respective ACR I-Card or Alien Certificate of Registration (front and back).
  • Printed application.
  • Official Receipt.

Note: If you do not have a passport-size picture, it is not a big deal because the NBI clearance already has a camera to take a picture during encoding.

However, it’s better that you also bring an extra passport-size picture, just in case they ask you.

7. Proceed to Alien Registration Office

If you are already in their main office, proceed to the 2nd floor and look for the Alien Registration Office, then fill out Alien Registration Form No. 5.

8. Photo Capturing and Biometrics

After you fill out Alien Registration Form No. 5, submit the form and proceed to the next station for biometrics (picture capture, digitized signature, and electronic fingerprints).

Next, go to the last window where you submit the complete documentary requirements, including the manual fingerprint and signature.

9. Releasing of NBI Clearance

After a day or weeks, return to the NBI Clearance main office. You can also check the payment slip, where the date shows when you will return.

Expect to release the application in 3-5 days, unlike the local applicant, for whom it will be released within a day.

In some cases, most foreign applicants cannot claim their NBI clearance because of a busy or conflicting schedule.

However, you can have someone else get your NBI clearance using the Authorization Letter for NBI Clearance. Make sure that your bearers will bring your original and photocopied ID, including your signature.


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