Change the last name in NBI clearance for married women. this is a common problem most married Filipina women encounter in their NBI clearance application.

In other words, this article is for those married women applicants who want to renew their NBI clearance application. To fix this problem, they need to update their surname in all documents, IDs, and NBI clearance applications.

The NBI Clearance Online Application is essential, especially for married women looking for a new job or business. This article will guide the proper process of changing the last name for married women.

Requirements for NBI Clearance for Married Women

The NBI clearance requirements for married women and those new applicants are the exact same as expected. If the application is for NBI clearance renewal, ensure that the old NBI clearance number is still stated in the lower-left part of the NBI clearance certificate.

However, the basic requirements for the NBI clearance online application are necessary during the process. Especially for those who are already married and wish to change their surname during a renewal or new application. Remember to bring identification or documents for married women who want to change their surname.

Basic Requirements of NBI Clearance for Married Women

  1. Valid IDs – Bring at least two (2) valid government IDs.
  2. Online Appointment – Bring the proof of the online appointment registered in the NBI clearance online application, save it on your mobile phone, or print it.
  3. NBI Payment – The NBI clearance fee of 155.00 was successfully paid. These are the details of the NBI payment method.

Additional Requirements

  • Bring a Certified True Copy of the Marriage Certificate (CTC) issued by the Local Civil Registration (LCR) and authenticated by the Philippine Static Authority (PSA) or a Marriage Certificate (MC) in Security Paper (SECPA) published by the Philippine Static Authority (PSA).
  • Bring your old NBI clearance (if you have it).


Let us say there are additional requirements to change the last name in NBI clearance for married women; although the process is still the same, it cannot be considered when applying for an NBI renewal application.

Consider that process also applied to renewing the NBI application because the surname will carry over from the old one. However, the last name declared in the old NBI clearance cannot be modified. It is better to apply for and get a new NBI clearance application. It also helps to get the document quickly.

These are a few steps to easily change the last name in the NBI clearance application. Just create a new account on the NBI Clearance Online Application. It is much better to create a new email account than to register again since it cannot use the old one.

1. Online Registration

Register your NBI Clearance online account at clearance.nbi.gov.ph.

Sign up for a new application on the main page and check the “No” box.

Then complete the details with the current information, like “full maiden name” (apelyido ng pagkadalada) and your husband’s surname.


2. One-Time-Password (OTP)

After that, a pop-up message appears during registration on the NBI Clearance website, providing the one-time password (OTP).

The one-time password will be sent to the mobile number or email address.



Below is a sample of the one-time password that you will receive at the email address. Provide the active email address to avoid problems with the OTP code while sending.



Note: If ever the one-time password (OTP) experiences a delay in generating the code, The NBI server traffic is the common reason here. Check the email occasionally for the one-time password sent to the provided email address.

3. Profile Information

Complete all the details required for the new application. Ensure to enter the spouse’s surname and birthplace, including the contact details, family background, and full maiden name.



4. Appointment Schedule and Payment Method

Choose an appointment for the NBI clearance online application. After that, choose the assigned date and the six payment options.

It will show the availability on the right side of the screen. Choose a convenient one that fits your schedule.


5. Date of Appointment Schedule

When the appointment time comes, it will be either morning or afternoon; bring all the requirements, including the official receipt for the NBI clearance payment.

6. Photo capture and biometrics

If everything is ready, talk with someone and ask for the assistance inside the facility of the NBI Clearance to assist in photo capturing and biometrics.

Do not forget that applying for a new application to change the last name has a chance that the application will show either “HIT” or “NO HIT.” to know why? Read the article here.

7. Releasing

If the application has no problems, they will release it immediately. After that, check everything in the NBI application if it is correct, like the full name, date of birth, complete address, and the purpose of the application, before leaving the NBI clearance office.

That is it! Everything has changed, including the new surname for the NBI clearance document.

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