How to pay Meralco bills in Shopee? It is one of the common questions for Shopee users, especially during the pandemic. It is also why many Shopee users pay their bills to get extra Shopee coins. Yes, that is right, when paying the bills or loads at Shopee, it has to earn Shopee coins that can use to purchase Shopee products.

Shopee is an online shopping platform where various products can sell online. Apart from the multiple products found at Shopee, it has digital products and online payment transactions. 

Shopee is tied-up with the biggest companies like Meralco, Maynilad, and other online payments are available under the Shopee billing section.

This article’s purpose is to provide a complete guide on how to pay Meralco bills in Shopee. However, it requires Activating and verifying the ShopeePay account to continue the transactions in Meralco.


7 Basic Steps How to Pay Meralco Bills in Shopee

  1. “Tap” the “Load, Bills & Travel” menu.
  2. Tap” the “Electricity” menu.
  3. Select “Postpaid” and “Select Biller.”
  4. Enter the “Customer Account Number” and Meralco bills “Amount.”
  5. Select “Payment Method.”
  6. Select “Pay Now.”
  7. Done. Payment Successful.

How to Pay Meralco Bills in Shopee?

This guide will help the Shopee customers that not memorized the payment procedures of their Meralco bills in Shopee. They can pay their monthly bills or loads with just one click.

Earning free Shopee coins will save much money to deduct the total pay of the Meralco bills. Plus, it is less stressful while wasting time at their Meralco payment centers.

1. Tap the Load, Bills & Travel

Log in and open the Shopee application.

Find the “Load, Bills & Travel” menu on its homepage. Then “Tap” the “menu” button to proceed to the next page.


2. Tap the Electricity Menu

The “Load, Bills & Travel” page will find the options of top-ups, bills, lifestyle, travel, and others. There are various online payments here on this page.

Select the “Electricity” menu.


3. Select the Postpaid and Select Biller

This menu will find two options, prepaid and postpaid.

Select the “Postpaid” menu, and select “Meralco Payment” as the select biller.


4. Enter the Meralco Payment Details

Enter the customer account number followed by the amount of the electricity bill. “Tap” the “Continue” button to proceed to the next page.


shopee-bills-payment-vouchersTips: Add additional free vouchers to the “Bill Payment” of the Meralco bills if they are available in Shopee’s promo. “Tap” the “Claim Vouchers” to get this promotion. Remember that the “Free Vouchers” depend on the availability of Shopee, and it also expires after the set time.

5. Select the Payment Method

Choose the payment method for Meralco bills in Shopee. Select the “Payment Option” and choose from six payment methods: ShopeePay, credit/debit, SpayLater, payment center-wallet, over-the-counter, and online payment.


6. Tap the Pay Now

After selecting the payment option, double-check the other details before paying the Meralco bill. Especially the account billing and the amount. “Tap” the “Redeem Coins” if available at the option. If everything is fine, “Tap” the “Pay Now.”


7. Payment Successful

The last part of the guide, the “Payment Successful,” is shown on the screen and followed by the total payment amount. “Tap” the “Back to Home” to return to Shopee’s homepage or “View Order Details” to review your transaction.


Reviewing the Meralco Order Details

Review the transaction payment. It states that the payment bills have already been processed in Shopee’s system. The process takes 24-48hrs in the Shopee account.


It will also find here the available Shopee cashback coins. Remember that the Shopee coins are promo only. Once completed, the Shopee cashback coins will automatically enter into the Coins Reward Page.

Frequent Answers and Questions

Q: How long will the payment be credited?
A: The payment bills will be forwarded to the biller within 24 hours, and payments will be posted in 2 business days.

Q: It can pay the Meralco bills in Shopee with a disconnection notice?
A: Yes, you can pay your Meralco bills in Shopee with a disconnection notice. Your Meralco account should be active, not disconnected.

Q: Is there a transaction fee when paying Meralco bills in Shopee?
A: Yes, there are transaction fees when you pay bills which vary per biller.

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