GCash login without application is one of the ways to access our digital wallet whenever transacting without the internet. It is used often for things we need to buy or pay for online instead of accessing the GCash application installed on our mobile phones. There is another way to access it without using or installing any GCash application.


We do not immediately notice this method because of the easy access to the GCash application on our mobile phones. The problem is that, sometimes, we can’t open our GCash login because of an error with its system, or maybe it’s only limited to what can be installed on our mobile phones.

Other ways to access GCash Login without application?

The USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a dialing code or number on cellphones provided by network couriers, such as *143#. This code can access the other menus available on the Globe SIM card, like the account, load promos, rewards loans, data access, and the GCash account.

This method is commonly used by old mobile phones that are unable to install applications due to a lack of mobile system features. It also doesn’t have data to access the internet.

Prepaid retailers, or those who sell mobile loads and have a second-generation cellular network, or 2G network, are one example of its users.

Note: Only Globe users will have access to dial *143# to open GCash even without an application.

GCash Login Without Application

1. Dial *143#

On your mobile phone, dial *143# and press the call button, and the USSD code will load.


2. Select GCash

The next thing that will appear on your screen is “Instruction Settings” and the load balance of your account. Each option has a designated number that you can choose from.

  • MyAccount
  • Go+
  • Go
  • NEW Go 5G
  • Surf4all
  • All-Time Favorites
  • GlobeONE
  • GCash
  • Rewards
  • Loans

Once you have seen all the options, select one and reply with the corresponding number for the GCash.


3. View the GCash Options

Next, you will see your GCash Account options. Here you will find the same menu in your GCash application.

  • Register – The registration of your GCash account for new users.
  • Get GCash App – The GCash application installer on your mobile device.
  • GCash Card – It can request the GCash card for activation or cancellation.
  • GCash Cash In/Out – Option to convert your real Cash to a digital case and vice versa.
  • Send Money – Option for sending money from GCash to Gcash users.
  • Pay Bills – You can pay bills such as electricity, water, telecom, and government payments.
  • Buy Load – You can buy a prepaid load on globe sim and different networks.
  • GCash Amex – Signing up, viewing account, and changing/requesting security code for American Express.
  • GCash Biz Solutions – Grab & Angas e-vouchers option
  • Account – Check Balance and Change PIN options.
  • More – Additionals information about the GCash verification account.


Note: Provide your MPIN in your GCash account for the complete transaction to be done in your GCash account.

What Else is the Other Way to Log in to the GCash Account Without the Application?

In recent years, the accounts of GCash users have been easily accessed using their Facebook Messenger. Once their account is verified and linked to their GCash application, they will have instant access to transact with their GCash accounts. One sample is paying their bills, cashing in or out, buying prepaid loads, and viewing their available balances.

But after a few years, it immediately removed access to its Facebook page due to security problems because many people took advantage of this to cheat other GCash users.




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