Create a Shopee account and will receive various vouchers and free shipping. It is one of the ways to entice Filipinos to register with their online shop mobile application. Since the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become more popular due to the number of Filipinos who buy their stuff and pay their bills online.

Making Shopee online is a way to speed up the access to buy the things they need daily. This online shopping platform places different products that can be seen in distant places and has quick access to buy them. 

Aside from the number of products available on this platform, they will also have the opportunity to choose the product they want at the cheapest cost. 

Shopee also allows selling products online for those who want to be a Shopee seller. That is why many Filipinos are interested in registering here.

This guide provides the exact tutorial to create a Shopee account that is more accessible and faster by using a mobile number, mobile device, email address, or social media accounts. Nevertheless, before we get started, there are three ways to create a Shopee account that are available in this article.

Note: For those mobile device users, remember that the registration in Shopee is applicable for a Google account for android users and an apple account for IOS users.


10 Steps to Create your Shopee Account: Complete & Detailed

  1. “Tap the Me menu in the lower-right of the Shopee homepage.
  2. “Tap the Sign Up menu in the upper-right of the page.
  3. “Assign your Registration Account to Shopee.
  4. “Create a Registration Account.” It is either a mobile number, email, or social media account.
  5. Received an OTP (One-Time Password) for Shopee verification.”
  6. Set the Shopee Password.”
  7. Set up the ShopeePay Wallet.”
  8. “Activate the ShopeePay account by Entering the Verification Code.”
  9. Enter the Shopee Account’s Personal Information.”
  10. Set up the Shopee Account Profile.”


1. Tap the Me menu on Homepage

On the Shopee’s Homepage, find the Me menu on the lower-right side. Tap that menu to proceed to the log-in page.


2. Tap “Sign-Up Page”

Find theLog-In” and Sign-Up menus. After that, Tap theSign-Up menu to proceed to the registration page.


3. Assign your Registration

This page shows the requirements to register in Shopee. There are different ways to register here, such as registering with the phone number and assigning the desired username or email address.

Aside from this, it is also available to use social media accounts like Facebook, Google, or Apple accounts for quick Shopee registration.


4. Enter the “Registration Account”

In this sample, Enter the 10-Digit Mobile Number and then Check the Box that appears under the mobile number registration.

In this check box is the activation of the ShopeePay in the account. Additionally, to enjoy the discount and cashback offered by Shopee for new customers of the Shopee application.


5. Receive One-Time Password Verification

If the new Shopee account registration is complete, a text message will Receive from the Shopee account, which is the OTP (One-Time Password). Use this to verify the new Shopee account.


6. Set your Shopee Password

After registering the account and verifying using the OTP sent by the Shopee, Set your Account Password .” Shopee must set the password on their platform to secure the current account.

The password requires 8-16 characters, including setting an uppercase letter and a lowercase letter. Using mixed letters as a password with special characters is advisable to prevent the Shopee account from being compromised.


7. Set Up ShopeePay Wallet

On this page, Shopee recommends Setting Up the ShopeePay Wallet to make the ShopeePay wallet more secure during any transaction.

Just tap Set Up ShopeePay Wallet to move it to the next step.


8. Activate ShopeePay Account

“Enter the OTP (One-Time Password) that Shopee provides to verify the legitimacy of the account. Then Tap the continue button to proceed to the next page.


9. Enter Account Personal Information

Enter the complete account information on this page, including the full name, middle name, and surname. 

In addition, add the active email address as (optional) and check the box for Shopee’s Terms and Conditions .” If done, “Tap” the “Confirm” button to proceed to the next page.


10. Set Up Shopee Profile

In the last part of the Create a Shopee Account” tutorial. Set up the profile in the Shopee account. Tap the visible setting icon at the top-right of the page.

In the Account Settings,” select the different options related to the profile’s configuration like the address, bank accounts, chat settings, and many others. For this tutorial, “Tap” the “My Profile” menu.


In Edit profile,” Shopee will provide a default username (It can change anytime). However, the username is available to change monthly, so think carefully about the assigned username.

Additionally, add a profile picture for the Shopee account, including the bio, gender, birthday, contact number, email address, and social media account. It can change the current password on this page.

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