How to change GCash mobile number? It is the most common question of GCash holders when they are planning to change their mobile number. As a part of the GCash account, the sim card mobile number is the most crucial thing when the plan is to register in this e-wallet application. It identifies funds and proves that money can be transacted in different Gcash holders, paying bills, loads, and other services transactions.

The Customers of the GCash application have a right to settle the change GCash mobile number if their old sim card was compromised, thus stealing their mobile device and upgrading their sim card from 2g to 4g. Losing PIN or getting PUK of their sim card and deactivating it due to its inactivity. In addition, the mobile number is a way to receive an authentication code or OTP and helps secure all cash and transactions in the GCash account.

This article provides the step-by-step process of changing the GCash mobile number to make this guide much easier to understand.

The first is the guide by infographics method, which summarizes the step-by-step procedure, which can see in just one photo. The second is a fast-way method; it is faster to understand for those existing old GCash users. The third is the step-by-step procedure, including an image recommended for beginners to their GCash account.


5 Easy Steps to Change GCash Mobile Number

  1. Tap” the “Change Number.”
  2. Tap” the “Yes” system notification.
  3. Enter the “New Mobile Number” and “Tap” the “Next” button.
  4. Receive an “OTP Code” via SMS.
  5. Enter the “6-Digit OTP code“.
  6.  It is successfully changing the mobile number in the GCash account.

Reason to Change GCASH Mobile Number

These are a few reasons why some customers settle to change their GCash mobile number instead of staying with their current mobile number.

  1. They have lost their phone/sim card that was registered and fully verified on the GCash account.
  2. PUK blocked of sim card.
  3. The Sim Card was upgraded from 2G to 4G.
  4. The sim card was deactivated.

How to Change GCash Mobile Number? (With Picture)

In this last part of the guide, we discuss the GCash mobile number with pictures. Especially for those GCash users unfamiliar with the application, this guide will provide to the understanding of the step-by-step method of the Gcash account.

1. Tap “Change Number” 

On the log-in page of the application, Tap the Change Number option.


2. Choose “Yes” Notification

“Tap the Change Number,” and the system will ask you that “are you sure that you want to change your logged-in mobile number?“.

“Tap the Yes button to proceed to the next step.


3. Enter the New Mobile Number

After that, enter the 10-digit mobile number on the GCash application. Then Tap the Next button below the log-in page.

Remember not to include the number 0 at the beginning of the mobile number since the +63″ indicates the Philippines Country Code.


4. Received 6-Digit OTP Authentication

After sending the mobile number request, a notification message will receive via text showing the one-time password (OTP) request.”

The SMS message contains 6-digit random numbers that you must enter in your GCash application.

Remember that never share the one-time password (OTP) with anyone to avoid hacking into your account.


5. Enter the 6-Digit OTP Code

The 6-digit (OTP) one-time password will automatically enter the authentication code page on these steps.

Otherwise, if these do not happen, enter the 6-digit (OTP) one-time password code to your GCash application and Tap” the Submit button to proceed to the next step.


6. Successfully Change GCASH Mobile Number

Change GCash mobile number in the application.

“Enter the MPIN number” and proceed to the GCash dashboard.


Frequently Asked Question

1. Can other network services be used to register the GCash account?

  • Yes, it can use and thoroughly verify other network services for the GCash account. Ensure to provide the requirements to authenticate the new mobile number.

2. Is the new mobile number registered already verified?

  • No, the new sim card is secondary and is not yet verified. It is required to proceed again in the verification process to be the account fully verified.

3. Can the old features be transferred into a new account?

  • It cannot transfer all the features in the old account to a new account like the GScore, GSave, GCredit, GForest, Transaction History, and Piggy Bank.

4. Is it possible to transfer the funds from the old GCash account to the new GCash account?

  • Yes, it is possible to transfer the fund from the old GCash account to the new GCash account, even if it is not fully verified.

Final Thoughts

Changing the GCash mobile number in the application is easy to process. Even if using other network providers, GCash will accept the application. Make sure to follow the process and requirements to complete the verification.

However, some features completed in the old account will not transfer into a new one. It required to back from the beginning and doing the process again. The old account with the old number will be deactivated if there is no amount of funds within six months.


    • Just easily send your funds from your old mobile number to your new mobile number. If you don’t have access to your account, you cannot transfer it to the latest mobile number. In that case, call GCash customer support for assistance.


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