Activate and Verify ShopeePay is a method done after Registering in the Shopee Application. It provides access to the ShopeePay e-wallet or bank to pay for products purchased with this application.

Activating and verifying the ShopeePay proves that the account is legitimate, which requires providing personal information and proof of the official transactions under the Shopee application.

In this article, the guide makes understanding the proper verification process to approve the ShopeePay option easier. However, some requirements are required for verification to succeed in these steps. First, complete these requirements such as ID card, biometrics, and a selfie photo.


This guide is for a newly registered Shopee user. Here are the quick steps to verifying the ShopeePay account.

Easy to Understand Guide to Activate and Verify ShopeePay Account

  1. “Tap” the “ShopeePay” menu on the Homepage.
  2. “Tap” the “Verify Now”
  3. Read and check the “Terms and Conditions.”
  4. Proceed to “Facial Verification Reminder.”
  5. Proceed to the “Facial Verification Process.”
  6. Choose the Shopee “ID Type.”
  7. Assign the “Personal Information Process.”
  8. Information submitted.

Benefits of Verified ShopeePay Accounts

Verifying an account with Shopee provides an additional benefit to its users. One of these is access to cash payment, which can use this application’s service to pay for the products bought, pay the bills, or purchase an eLoad.

These are the benefits of a Shopee basic account user vs. a fully verified user.

Features Basic Verified
Cash In Limit Up to 50K per month Up to 100K per month
Buy Load
Pay Bills
Purchase on Shopee
Access to exclusive Free Shipping & Cashback vouchers
QR Payments
Send Money Cash x
Bank Transfer Cash x
SPayLater* x

8 Ultimate Guide to Activate and Verify ShopeePay Account (Fully Detailed with Picture)

There are many ways to verify Shopee, but these methods are the most understandable processes, such as facial verification, personal information, and the process of the Shopee system to complete the verification, including activating and verifying the ShopeePay.

1. Tap the “ShopeePay”

Option 1: “Tap” the “ShopeePay” menu on the Homepage.

Option 2: “Tap” the “Me” menu on the lower-right side of the Shopee application. In the Shopee profile, different menus are available in the Shopee transactions; one is the ShopeePay menu. 

To see it, swipe up the mobile device screen to see the “My Wallet” category. Tap the “ShopeePay” menu to proceed to the next page.


Additional Information

  • Enter “ShopeePay Pin”
    It is required to assign the 6-digit ShopeePay pin for the ShopeePay wallet.
  • Assign “Biometrics Authentication”
    The Shopee system requires assigning the “Biometrics Authentication” to make the ShopeePay wallet more secure. It adds more security other than the ShopeePay pin. The “Facial ID” and “Fingerprint Authentication” are available in this application, depending on the device. It can configure on android devices and iOS devices.

2. Tap the “Verify your ID”

Like the Gcash application, Shopee also has an e-wallet called ShopeePay. To facilitate the transaction of purchasing products, loads, or other services available to Shopee.

To proceed with the Shopee verification ID, “Tap” the “Verify your ID for more features.” It also states that increasing the balance limit will affect those users who activate and verify ShopeePay.


3. Read and check the “Terms and Conditions”

Account-holders must carefully read the Shopee “Terms and Conditions” before verifying the account and fully accessing the ShopeePay. Shopee also reminds us that their data collection will remain private, provided by the protection under their “Privacy Policy.”

To continue the agreement. “Check” the box at the bottom of the page and “Tap” the “Next” button to proceed to the next steps.


4. Proceed to Facial Verification Reminder

The system provides a guide on what to do during facial verification. It helps to be clear and fast the facial verification process.


These are the things to do during the facial verification process.

  1. Make sure there is enough light in the background.
  2. Do not cover the face with hair, glasses, headscarf, or accessories.
  3. Do not move around while verifying.
  4. Proceed to the Facial Verification Process

5. Proceed to the Facial Verification Process

Now, it continues to verify ShopeePay by accomplishing the selfie photo. Face in the shape of a frame that will appear in front of the mobile screen.


6. Choose the Shopee ID Type

“Select a valid ID” listed in the “ID Type option” to complete the verification. Then attach the front and back captured ID card and facial selfie.


These are the required IDs that can use to activate and verify ShopeePay.

  1. Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID)
  2. Driver’s License
  3. Passport
  4. PhilSys ID
  5. Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID
  6. Social Security System (SSS) with Date of Birth
  7. Philippine Postal ID (Issue November 2006 onwards)
  8. Philhealth ID (PVC Type)
  9. Alien Certificate of Registration

ID Verification Samples

These are the sample steps for capturing the ID Card. Ensure the ID card is inside the frame so the system can capture the image much clearer. In this sample, the driver’s license is also one of the primary ID cards used to activate and verify ShopeePay.


7. Assign the Personal Information Process

Complete all the details in Shopee’s personal information, including the full name, ID number used for verification, address, source of funds, and others.

The complete details recorded in Shopee’s system’s personal information must also match the valid ID card.

If everything is good, “Tap” the “Confirm” button to continue to the last page.


8. Information Submitted

In the last part of Verify ShopeePay, Shopee will process the application for verification within 24 hours. If the process is not verified, change the ID card and submit it to them again. Often photo is taken incorrectly, and Shopee’s system cannot read the information on the ID card. However, if the verification is successful, benefits in the account will be available.


Final Thoughts

Creating a Shopee account allows for various products that are not available in any shopping malls. It is natural for us to buy the product at a reasonable price. It is also why we do not need to go outside and face the danger of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Activate and verify ShopeePay to solve this since it does not enjoy buying the product we want if the access is limited.

Also, one of the great benefits of activating and verifying a ShopeePay account is to have access to Shopee SPayLater. 

This way, Shopee allows buying a product while we do not have cash or an e-wallet.

Today, Shopee is one of the largest online shopping malls in the Philippines, providing cheap products and free shipping vouchers to its customers.

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